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Portal for money, financial affairs and extra finances. Focusing consumers and the future of payment, wealth and trading. Xtr connects bank customers and the money business: Credits, currencies, fintec, tax, credit cards, trading. Everything for finance. Feel free to follow our lead as consumer, business and marketer. Join in and benefit from the many contributors from many places of our world.
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The world of xtr finance. While finance and money affairs is on the top list of everybody´s lifes we help to strive for more easy and fair life conditions. Currently (2020+) we find these trends in the financial worlds: Blockchain = decentralised money flow. Wallets = personal digital payments . This is what we cover for you: Credit & Capital | Forex & Currency | Fintech | Tax | Trading Broker | Crypto & Blockchain | Cashback & Shopping | Wealth Management | Insurance | Security & Privacy | This includes: How to secure payments, wealth and financial assets?
In case you wish to buy a company with a good value already you may consider buying a bank: JPMorgan Chase bank in the USA officially holds the largest capital of 375,000,000,000 US Dollar in 2018.

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Value and financial sources

Ever wanted to know the best financial sources? Yes, day job work it is for the most of us! But there are several more income sources, which are not based on working for others to gat paid. Freelancers are rarely independent too. Farming is most powerful, underrated, mostly underpaid and not possible for the many of us. Xtr promotes creators, smart and replicable business models with real values for our world. Let´s explore, create, share and benefit. Brand names: international / local In general we focus three value lines: Luxury | Cheaper | Business
Luxury :: Secure values you alraady have and let them "work" for you, your lifestyle and your targets in life.
Cheaper :: Not cheap, not poor but smarter living, spending and earning money.
Business :: Create values with money & your assets

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Which name and brand is your favourite and why?

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Finance events & experiences

Financial influencers love to share their expertise. Some teaser videos and tips are worth solid money right away. Really strong it gets when you find a coach who goes 1:1 with you. You can only win in your situation right where you are. The free stuff is not the end of the game, it shows you who is the best fit for you. If you wish to invest, invest in your situation rights now with people you can see, hear and experience. It is not only the money knowledge that helps you but the personality transporting it into your life.
On TikTok and Twitter we share the inspirational and practical stories, great for a next step. There are so many inspiring stories as blogs & vlogs out there, which expand our competences and livestyles. Once the Xtr Finance team is finally established you will find the Top10 stories every 10 days.

Send us your experience or an inspiring story source.

Benefits & advantages of financial freedom

Ways to an affordable life. Yes, most think of saving money, reducing expectations, not buying of things we would love to own. We are not talking minimalism but an evident lifestyle here. Luxury in Moscow is different than wealth in Ulan Bator or Fidji Ilands. Our local, regional and international approach lets the wisdom flow between cultures and accross borders. An independant life is the basis of inner and outer freedom. Some financial systems and institutions take advantage of their clients and customers. Let´s get beyond this and get deeper into a community style of financial freedom where people share and grow wealth together. Crowdfunding is one of the greatest invention for creative people getting their ideas into the real world. | Bitcoin & co. for moving money wiithout the big "tax stations" on the money road is helpful for honest people having their financial streams and privacy protected. | Contactless payments speed up and reduces possible health issues. | How do you make the best out of your money? Do you care for freebies, cheap unlimited services to "save" money or do you have good experience in gambling for making some extra money?

Free money tips

As always our posts include both: Some hints are fitting ads but we cant help putting some free spice into it as well.

Tips and hints get reward: Send here, please!

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Money and values as a business

Raising funds for business is a most critical corner stone of each business and project. During the last 20 years we have experienced r-evolutionary innovations. The mere bank oriented financial market is challenged by blockchain technologies, by peer2peer value exchange. The western banks are marked by their own catastrophic mismanagements and irrational interest policies.
Besides the few good (or not that bad) banks there are great niches to legally and responsibly increase existing values. The Big5 are: Property | Heritage | Production | Mobile Assets | Shares. Family offices very often manage the wealth of many family members to make the most of it for the benefit of all members. Family business are mostly the most reliable connections, stronger than a written contract. We dont´s suggest larger money events as they are simple marketing for the bigger players. The treasure lies in the reliable personal connections to people of interest. You cannont write an email to Silicon Valley; but you can get a personal invitation and introductions to special events. As you can see we place decent ads around here. You have better products and services? We sell plots.

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Financial news streams

Usually Twitter is our early bird for hot news and announcements. Once we have gathered a great deal of practical information on a topic we summarize it in a guide. All authors will be mentioned and credited. Live streaming of great happenings in the finance worlds will be announced and redirected via Twitter. Don´t forget the free tips and hints among the news stream.

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